Stripe Credit Card Processing : Thoughts?

Stripe Credit Card Processing : Thoughts?

If you don’t know, now you know:

Stripe is, or rather states, that they do online processing for a flat fee and act as your gateway interfacing directly with your bank. AWESOME! I think Stripe is pretty new right now; and unfortunately I haven’t used them to know how great it really is. But, I’ve built enough online stores to know that online transactions are cumbersome. You can push for one gateway over the other but ultimately you’re going to deal with several over the course of your career.


Ever tried using PayPal to accept money? Of course you have. Have you ever tried to build a store around PayPal? No, you haven’t. Because if you have then you’ve surely jumped off a cliff by now. I can’t seem to test in the developer sandbox of PayPal’s without having their service go down at least twice. Now the live gateway is reliable, but testing is a nightmare!


So there are a ton of other gateways. And I’ve used several in combination with dozens of merchants. I definitely favor some over others. And, I’m not trying to knock any one of them or say what anyone should or shouldn’t use. But, I do want to hear from people out there.

Have you used Stripe? If so, how was/is it. How good is it for larger scale store type systems? How do you handle refunds, escrow, or customer data? If you haven’t used Stripe do you think you would? I’m going to give it a try next chance I get. The fees are right and I’m excited for a service like this to be available and I think it’s a long time coming. Kudos.

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